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The AICP strives to teach Islam as well as the importance of functioning within society. Through its many endeavors, the AICP contributes to the well-being of humanity without compromising the values and principles of Islam. The AICP sponsors secular and religious education. We have preschools, elementary schools, secondary schools, as well as weekend programs used as a springboard to full-time education. We have also set a goal to enter the university level within the near future. The AICP offers Religious education through public and private lessons. The AICP has an internationally circulated magazine and authors and disseminates various books, pamphlets, and other publications through its Islamic Studies and Research Division (I. S. R....


Biography of Shaykh ^Abdullah al Harariyy

He is the great ^alim (Islamic scholar), an example of the ^ulama' (Islamic scholars), Al-'Imam, Al-Muhaddith, the pious worshipper, Ash-Shaykh Abu ^Abdir-Rahman, ^Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Ibn Yusuf, Al-Harariyy, Ash-Shaybiyy, Al-^Abdariyy, the Mufti of As-Sumal (Somalia). He is Al-Harariyy because he is from the city of Harar. In 1887, As-Sumal was occupied and divided into five parts and the western province (Harar) was given to Al-Habashah (Ethiopia). He is ash-Shaybiyy because Banu Shaybah is a clan of Quraysh and they are the people in charge of Al-Ka^bah. He is Al-^Abdariyy because he also belongs to ^Abdud-Dar, a clan of Qusayy Ibn Kilab, the fourth grandfather of Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa...


What is the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects

We started this path relying on our values of moderation, openness, wisdom and cooperation. Our goal is to teach, guide towards good and benefit our societies. Our motto is honesty in transmitting the Islamic knowledge. All this made the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects rise to the level of worldwide associations and be known throughout the world, so much so that it is playing an important role in spreading values of justice and knowledge among the different fractions of societies. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. To Him belong the endowments and proper commendations. May Allah raise the rank of our prophet Muhammad and protect his nation from what...


اعلم أن البدعة لغة ما أحدث على غير مثال سابق يقال: جئت بأمر بديع أي محدث عجيب لم يعرف قبل ذلك. وفي الشرع المحدَثُ الذي لم ينص عليه القرءان ولا جاء في السنة، قال ابن العربي: "ليست البدعة والمحدَث مذمومين للفظ بدعة ومحدث ولا معنييهما، وإنما يذم من البدعة ما يخالف السنة، ويذم من المحدثات ما دعا إلى الضلالة" ا.هـ.

إنَّ الحمدَ للهِ نحمَدُه ونستعينُه ونستغفرُه ونستهديهِ ونشكرُه ونعوذُ باللهِ ِمنْ شرورِ أنفسِنا ومِن سيئاتِ أعمالِنا مَنْ يهْدِ اللهُ فلا مضلَّ لهُ ومَنْ يُضْلِلْ فلا هاديَ لهُ، وأشهدُ أن لا إلـهَ إلا اللهُ وحْدَهُ لا شريكَ لهُ وأشهدُ أنَّ سيّدَنا محمَّدًا عبدُه ورسولُه وصفيُّه وحبيبُه مَنْ بعثَهُ اللهُ رحمةً للعالميَن هاديًا ومبشّرًا ونذيرًا بلَّغَ الرسالةَ وأدَّى الأمانةَ ونصحَ الأُمَّةَ فجزاهُ اللهُ عنَّا خيرَ ما جَزى نبيًّا مِنْ أنبيائهِ صلواتُ اللهِ وسلامُه عليهِ وعلى كلِ رسولٍ أرسله صلى اللهُ عليه صلاةً يقضِي بها حاجاتِنا ويفرِّجُ بِها كرباتِنا ويكفينا بِها شرَّ أعدائِنا وسلَّمَ عليهِ وعلى ءالِه سلامًا كثيرًا.

Slaughtering Edible Animals According To the Islamic Law ‘Shari^ah’

 We start with the name of Allah.  We praise Allah and thank Him for the blessings of Islam.  We humbly ask Allah to raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad, his kind Al and Companions and to protect his nation from that which he fears for it.  We ask Allah to grant us the proper intention, the Comprehension, and the reward in the Hereafter. 

Certain animals including some types of birds can be lawfully consumed if they are slaughtered according to the Islamic Law. There are strict requirements for the slaughtering of edible animals that must be met in order for the slaughtering to be considered as halal. This means that the following rules must be followed:

The truth pertaining to the origin of all human beings is a matter dear to the hearts of many. People from different walks of life, including various ethnic origins and differing educational backgrounds have attempted explanations, however, no story or explanation can take the place of the truth.

Islamic Concepts:
"The best deed is the belief in Allah and His Messenger." (Al-Bukhariyy)

  • minaretWhat is Islam?
    Linguistically, Islam means submission. According to Islamic terminology, Islam means a specified submission. It is the submission to what the prophet brought. This takes place by uttering the THE TWO TESTIFICATIONS OF FAITH. Belief, on the other hand, linguistically means certitude. According to Islamic terminology, it means a specified certitude. It is to accept as true what the prophet brought. The least of Belief is to belief in the THE TWO TESTIFICATIONS OF FAITH. Islam and Belief cannot be disassociated. One of them is not accepted without the other, although their original meaning are not identical. Imam Abu Hanifah said in Al-Fiqh Al-'Akbar: "Islam is not acceptable without Belief and Belief is not accepted without Islam. They are like the front of something and its back." Islam is the Religion of all the prophets.

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