The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects on behalf of all those it represents from Islamic clerics, Imams, religious workers, cultural centers, schools, charitable institutions, mosques, and on behalf of the Muslim public, condemns the heinous attacks that targeted the French capital, Paris and the day before the city of Beirut. These attacks have been perpetrated against innocents with the purpose of weakening our resolve against terrorism and to undermine the reputation of Muslims worldwide.

     Our thoughts are primarily with the victims and their families but also with the entire French and Lebanese people today in deep sorrow and grief. We wish to state in the most vehement manner our condemnation of these acts and destructive ideologies endorsing blind violence that finds no justification. We also make it clear to authorities and governments that there is a distinction between faithful Muslims and these violent extremists. Finally, we reiterate our call for caution, patience and diligence in the face of such events.

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